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Olivier Laquinte

Président Fondateur


Olivier Laquinte est président de Talsom, un cabinet-conseil spécialisé dans la transformation digitale des organisations, dont la mission est de créer un impact positif par l’humain, l’innovation et la technologie. Olivier cumule plus de 20 ans d’expérience en transformation numérique, en tant que consultant, gestionnaire de projets et de programmes et dirigeant d’entreprise.

Il détient un baccalauréat de HEC Montréal, un master en gestion de projet, ainsi que des certifications PMP et Scrum Master.

En participant à des événements et à des conférences, Olivier et son équipe collaborent activement au dialogue technologique à travers le monde, et exercent leur expertise grâce à leur leadership.


Empathize, Design Thinking, Icon, phase 1
In the past two years, the global pandemic has completely upended the business world, and companies have had to overcome a number of hurdles in order to adapt. The crisis exacerbated pre-existing issues and also caused new ones to emerge. Now more than ever before, organizations have to be resilient [...]
ven, Sep 16, 2022
Design Thinking, Tools, Downloadable template, Ideation
Understand, explore, materialize. These are the three main objectives of Design Thinking, an approach to design and organizational transformation that centres people and technology. When used properly, Design Thinking provides a way to rethink how your company operates, redefine its direction, reinvent the customer experience and even an entire department. Download [...]
ven, Sep 16, 2022
Download the Design Thinking Toolkit
Digital transformation, business ecosystems, fierce competition: just 2 years into the decade, companies are facing unprecedented challenges. Pressure only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are now required to be resilient, agile and innovative. These skills are critical to their survival. We’re in a paradigm shift that is not only redefining [...]
mer, Sep 14, 2022
How AI is revolutionizing the world—and how you can be ready for it Does your current lifestyle look anything like it did when you were a child? Or even 10 years ago? We’re willing to bet not. Not only has technology continued to evolve, but the pace of innovation is also [...]
jeu, Sep 08, 2022
Given the ever-increasing number of technologies and their impacts on all spheres of society, companies have no choice but to embrace digitalization. Without this transformation, many industries and organizations become less competitive and productive, which severely jeopardizes their future. In addition to rapidly expanding digital technologies, today’s companies face a [...]
ven, Août 19, 2022

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